About Us

Triple A Cleaning Services is a very specialized cleaning company. Our main business is vacate cleaning and builders cleaning and we don’t do any other cleaning works. Our main partners are Real Estate Agencies and Construction Companies. The list of our partners can be seen in the “Our Partners” page of this website.

We clean up to 100 properties every month within the metropolitan Perth area and we also do cleaning of distant properties located to up to two hours drive from the city.

Vacate Cleaning and Builders Cleaning are the most difficult types of cleaning of properties and they require high level of standards and responsibility from cleaners. You need to clean properties from top to bottom and from interior to exterior and you need to know how to clean all sorts of materials to ensure the surfaces are properly cleaned and still materials remain intact.


Vacate-cleaning and builders-cleaning works could be done only with permanent staff. You can’t put to this job people from the street. We have to train and monitor people for weeks before trusting them to do all the jobs independently. We are a small company of a few teams. Each team consists of 2 vacate cleaners. We have special relationship with each cleaner and we pay them well to ensure they do their job to the highest quality. Our cleaners love what they do and we found these people through careful selection plan. Our staff are main contributors of our success in this business and we appreciate them in this company more than anything.


Triple A Cleaning Services is a business that thrives for improvement. We are not ideal entity and, sometimes, we unintentionally make mistakes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any dispute over the services we provide, by phone (0423728209) or email (info@tripleacleaning.com.au). We would do all in our power to resolve the issue.

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