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Triple A Builders Clean is a specialized Builders Cleaning company.


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We have the capability to do builders clean for botjh small and big projects: multi-level apartment buildings, industrial complexes, housing complexes, individual houses and offices. We do both initial rough cleaning and also final refined clean to prepare the premises ready to move-in.





Cleaning of the property after construction or renovation is very responsible job and regular domestic or commercial cleaners very often have no idea how to do it properly. That why we are here, Triple A Cleaning Services to provide you with proper builders clean.  Builders cleaning and another similar sort cleaning of cleaning - vacate cleaning, are our main business. We do up to 100 properties every month and that’s why we know the business well and we can provide you with a highest quality.

 If you are construction company, we help you to make the property you built highly representable and you will be proud to present it to your client. If you are the owner, let us to do for you final refined clean, to make your new property spotless and sparkling. For you it’s just time to move-in and think about housewarming party.

 Major work in builders clean is the cleaning of window frames and glasses from paint, cement splashes and sticky tapes. Up to 50% of time is spent for these works..

 The rest of the works are very similar to the vacate cleaning (see the Vacate Cleaning page of this website).



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