We are specialists in deep whole house cleaning and we do only deep cleaning.

We already did thousands of apartments and villas so we know what to do and how to do.


Deep cleaning is not for regular maids. It requires male force. It's deep and harsh cleaning, not just wiping and dusting.


Deep Cleaning requires deep knowledge, deep experinence and deep responsibility.


It requires only 2-3 well-trained specialists per villa/apartment, not a big crowd of casually hired maids. Don't allow them to ruin your house.

Don't hire companies with broad range of services. Work with specialised companies, if you want to stay away from troubles.


Send you enquiry through the Get a Quote page, and we'll be back to you straight away with a suitable quote you would like.





We remove cobwebs from inside and exterior, from around the house, garages, verandas, balconies.We take down air vents, aircon ducks, clean them by detergent, and put them back.We take down exhausts from the ceiling fans in the bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen, dust the fans, and clean the exhausts by degreaser and detergent and put them back.

We take down filters from air-conditioning units and large ceiling vents, dust them, stain in the detergent, clean them and place them back.

We unscrew light fittings, take them down, clean by detergent, and place them back.

We clean and remove moulds on the ceilings in bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, laundry.


Walls & Doors


We dust the walls and remove any cobwebs around the corners.

We wash the walls using special detergent, clean dirt, and remove marks.

We wash the doors and door sills by detergent.

We dust shelves in the wardrobe and then wipe them by detergent.

We wash the walls behind the wardrobes  and remove from there black traces from hangers, and other marks.

We dust and then wash skirting boards by detergent.

We take out vents on the walls, clean them , and then put them back.

Windows & Blinds

We remove cobwebs from both sides of windows and surrounding area.

We wash window frames and ledges.

We clean window tracks by detergent.

We wash all windows and doors from exterior using a garden hose.

We take out fly screens, brush them, and rinse them by garden hose, using “flat” mode.

We clean glass pain from inside and outside using glass detergent.

We dust and clean by detergent Venetian blinds (plastic or wooden).


Bathrooms & Vanity Area


We clean bench tops, hand basins and sinks. 

We clean splash backs, cabinets ( doors from both sides and shelves).

We clean and polish tap fittings

We clean mirror.



We clean the pans, seats, bowls

We clean around the seat, front and back, corners of the walls.

We clean and polish toilet fittings


Shower Recesses

We remove mould from the ceiling, mildew from the tiles (walls and floors)

We clean tiles and grouts

We clean glass panes, frames and tracks of the show screens.

We clean and polish shower heads, taps, and holders.


Tubs and Spa Units 

We clean and scrub the units, and clean and polish tap fittings.


Kitchen Area

We spray oven detergent into the oven and parts and leave it for several hours, before scrubbing and cleaning the oven.

We stain kitchen exhaust and range hood filters in a strong detergent for several ours before scrubbing them and cleaning.

We degrease and clean cooking stove, grill, the kitchen bench, cupboard and cabinets inside and outside.

We scrub, clean and polish the kitchen sink and tap fittings, we also polish anything built from stainless still, including the surfaces of the stove, the range hood, and dishwashing machine



We clean:

linen cabinet

bench tops



washers and driers




We wet floor tiles by detergent, scrub them, wet-mope them, and dry them

We clean wooden floors either methylated spirit  or just by warm water, and dry them by bath towels.



We remove cobwebs from around the house.

We rinse the windows and doors from outside by a garden hose.

We clean the entrance of the house.

We sweep garage.




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